• Treble Choir

Songwriting in the Pandemic

During the year of pandemic, we met every week and sang. To tell you the truth, singing on Zoom was not inspiring, and we gave up. Then the Partnerschools Houston offered us a Songwriting project. We composed and recorded two songs: Dancing with the Wind and What's Inside. Thank you, Sonja Bruzauskas, Emma Wine, Ava Haymon, Daniel Miller and Rebecca Heath for your help and guidance! We are proud of what we have done! This year we were featured in Houston Chamber Choir video concerts several times. We were also featured in With One Accord podcast #127 produced by Houston Chamber Choir Treble Choir of Houston was announced a semi-finalist at the prestigious American Prize National Competition, Youth Choirs Division. Congratulations! It was a crazy year, but Treble Choir sailed through it together and came out with accomplishments. We are so happy to have each other!

See you all in the next season!

Marianna Parnas-Simpson

Dancing with the Wind

What's Inside

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